Blood donation at the Directorate


The Blood Donor Campaign, which was already traditional at the South- Transdanubian Water Management Directorate, was continued on which occasion the Pécs Regional Blood Supply Center of the National Blood Supply Service was relocated to our central building of Directorate, with the support of the Hungarian Red Cross.

The autumn publication of our periodical newspaper, from Drava to Balaton


The latest issue of the periodical newspaper of the South- Transdanubian Water Management  Directorate is published, we wish you a pleasant browsing!

Carrer Day at Kaposvár Drava Valley High School


Juniors and their parents have the excellent opportunity to visit Drava Valley High School at Carrer Days in this October and November which will provide interesting thematic programmes in Barcs.

Adoption of the watercourse Bükkösdi


Ujhelyi Imre Agricultural and Economic Secondary School and Vocational School participates in the national competition called "Portraits along the Creek" within the framework of BISEL Biotic Index at Secondary Education Level - Bioindication in School Education Program that was launched by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Artwork of the Month in the Danube Museum in Esztergom


The Danube Museum in Esztergom started its exhibition series called the "Artwork of the Month" last year that allows of water management directorates to present the rare pieces of their collections. In October the planimeters owned by South-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate can be seen by visitors.

The survival opportunity for boats getting old in service


Hungarians are renowned worldwide for their engineering performance: let’s think about the dynamo of Jedlik Ágnes or just about the phone center of Puskás Tivadar. The Lajta Vessel Ship (named originally SMS Leitha) can be boldly set in this line as a masterpiece of a Hungarian industry.

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Professional Meeting of Hungarian Hydrological Society in Pécs 13/10/17


Joint Professional Meeting was held on October 10, 2017 relating to the centennial year of Hungarian Hydrology Society (MHT) and Tettye Forrásház Zrt., celebrated the 125th anniversary of launch of water supply in Pécs at the lecture hall of Danube-Drava National Park Directorate.

Postcard from Gyula Professional conference of the museum’s liaisons 04/10/17


The  annual meeting of liaisons of water museums and exhibitions took place in  Gyula  this year. This year's event, which was held in the last week of September,  was  held  by  the  Gyula  Landscape  Water  House,  which  was established  by  Cris-Country  Water  Management Directorate (KÖVIZIG).

We have participated in the survey of River Tisza through the Szolnok-Kisköre section 29/09/17


We were invited by the director of Central-Tisza-Region Water Management Directorate, Attila Lovas, in order to attend the survey of River Tisza through the Szolnok-Kisköre section on 28th September 2017.

National sampling measurement camp – september 5-7. 2017.


The South-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate's colleagues also participated at the II. national sampling measurement camp in the organization of the North-Hungarian Water Management Directorate, on 5-7 September 2017.

During the measurement exercise, the accredited metrology team of the 12 Water Management Directorates collected sample and average samples from sewage, standing water and flowing water during sampling proficiency tests and on-site examinations.

A memorial plaque was put up in honour of Ödön Bogdánfy 9/11/17


The Hungarian Hydrological Society celebrates the 100th anniversary of its existence in 2017, on the occasion of it a jubilee year was held from May 2016 until September 2017.

Annual Event of Calibration of Hydrographic Instruments 12/07/17


At the end of May 2017 the traditional Annual Event of Calibration of Hydrographic Instruments was held again. This time, the Water Management Directorate of Tiszántúl Region hosted the event.

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2017. október 21., szombat

Autumn Festival of Museums Adventurers are invited!


Come and join in the adventure games organized by Danube Museum and the Game Cottage.

2017. október 24., kedd

Hydrological Memorial Park in Kaposvár


The Somogy County Association of the Hungarian Hydrological Society (MHT) created the Hydro-Holistic Memorial Park, the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the MHT and the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the Territorial Organization, in the beautiful, landscaped area of ??the flood-relief complex defining the flood-control complex of Kaposvár.

2017. június 24., szombat

Mysterious night at the Danube Museum


Do unidentified culprits walk in the dark rooms of the museum at night? No one has seen anything, no trace was left. Their intent is unknown at this time, but it is absolutely certain that an artifact will disappear.

2017. május 20., szombat

22nd Spring Festival of Museums at the weekend


MUSEUMS IN THE GARDEN – gardens and museums

The Spring Festival of Museums was organised for the 22nd time on 20-21 May 2017 by the Hungarian National Museum. This unique cultural festival attracts almost 40 000 visitors annually and provides an opportunity for more than 120 Hungarian museums to present their collections. The team of Danube Museum joined in the event as well.

2017. január 3., kedd

2017 annual programmes of the Duna-Dráva National Park Directorate


The employees of Duna-Dráva National Park Directorate are waiting for the visitors with guided tours, children programmes and presentations in 2017.

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