Dr. Pál Benedek Municipal Water Management Innovation Award


Dr. Pál Benedek Municipal Water Management Innovation Award was created by the Hungarian Water Association (MASZESZ) and its purpose is to promote the water management sector through this innovation competition for students.

13th Photo Poster Competition on the subject of Water


Please click here to download the Call for Proposal of the Photo Poster Competition for the World Water Day in 2019, which is jointly published by the Hungarian Hydrological Society Territorial Organization of Borsod (MHT BTSz) and the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering - University of Miskolc (ME MFK) ...

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South-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate was visited by the Hungarian Red Cross January 28, 2019. As a tradition, blood donation events are held three times a year at our directorate.

Art Contest was launched by the Danube Museum


For the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Hungary, Danube Museum launches a fine arts competition, with the title "The image of the floating world – the Ukiyo-e effect" in the European Central Gallery.


Water Damage Prevention Handbook

Water Damage Prevention Handbook was prepared on behalf of the General Directorate of Water Management. The Handbook summarizes the know-how and information required for the operation of a Water Management Directorate from the point of view of water damage prevention, moreover gives particulars on the tasks that are performed by Water Management Directorates.


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Call for Proposals - Hugo Lampl Memorial Plaque Award 15/02/19


Call for Proposals was published by the Ministry of Interior - Deputy State Secretariat for Public Employment and Water Management in the 6th edition of Official Notice 2019 to promote the Call for Proposals for Hugo Lampl Memorial Plaque in 2019.

Download DRAWA free mobile application


As the result of the implementation of our DRAWA project within the framework of INTERREG V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme 2014-2020, DRAWA mobile application is available now.

National Vocational Training Competition was organized at Drava Valley High School in Bacs 14/02/19


National Vocational Education Competition (OSZTV) was published this year as well in accordance with traditions and in line with Section 73(2)(h) of Act 187 of 2011 on Vocational Education and Training.

Series of national information events were held in order to support the fulfilment of municipalities’ statistical data report requirements 11/02/19


At the beginning of 2019, a series of national information events were initiated by the water management sector in order to support the implementation of Government Decree No 379/2015 of 8 December 2015 on Specific Waste Water Treatment and Storage Solutions for Settlements, and facilitate the fulfilment of annual online statistical data report requirements for notaries.

Cancelling the Inland Water Protection Alert 08/02/19

First level inland water protection alerts were cancelled from 6:00 pm 7 February 2019 by the South-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate at the inland protection section numbered 05.03 at Lake-Balaton South shore Balatonlelle, at the pumping stations of Zardavári sub catchment area Ordacsehi and Zamárdi-Tóközi sub catchment area Zamárdi.

Applications and studies of experts are welcome by the Hungarian Hydrological Society for their General Meeting 2019


This year the 37th National General Meeting will be organized by the Hungarian Hydrological Society in Pécs as the most important professional symposium and it will be held on 3-5 July 2019 ...

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Operatív vízrajzi adatok (ikon)Water-level dataOperatív vízrajzi adatok (ikon)Long-distance gaugesÁrvízvédelmi készültségFlood alertsBelvízvédelmi készültség (ikon)Inland water alertsCsapadék (ikon)RainfallHóadatok (ikon)Snow conditionsJégadatok (ikon)Ice conditions


2018. december 5., szerda

Open Day at the National University of Public Service (NUPS)


The next Open day will take place at the Faculty of Water Sciences of the National University of Public Service (NUPS) on the 5th December 2018. The head of the faculty and his colleagues will present university education in the institution through interesting presentations regarding the career model of water management, the opportunities to control icy floods, instruments and terrain models; which topics will be extremely useful in order to obtain credible information about the day to day life of the water management sector.

2018. április 21., szombat

Day of Earth Event in Pécs at Tettye - 21 April 2018


The Day of Earth events have been held worldwide since 1970 with the contribution of more than a thousands of organizations, which events are calling attention to the environmental and nature conservation problems of our planet and offer solutions to them.

2018. március 28., szerda

The river that invigorates and connects – River Danube


The Department of Natural Sciences of the Janus Pannonius Museum invites visitors to the exhibition "About the River Danube through Ages and Periods", which is owned by the Danube Museum of Esztergom. The opening of the travelling exhibition will take place at 1 pm March 28, 2018.  in the museum building 2 Szabadság Street, Pécs.

2017. november 22., szerda

Open Day at the National University of Public Service


The next Open Day will be held on Wednesday 22 November 2017 at the Faculty of Water Sciences of the National University of Public Service. Trainings will be demonstrated with interesting presentations given by the leaders of the faculty; in addition to attending classes at the Faculty of Hydraulic and Water Management and the Faculty of Water Supply and Environmental Engineering.

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