2018. április 21., szombat

Day of Earth Event in Pécs at Tettye - 21 April 2018


The Day of Earth events have been held worldwide since 1970 with the contribution of more than a thousands of organizations, which events are calling attention to the environmental and nature conservation problems of our planet and offer solutions to them.

2018. március 28., szerda

The river that invigorates and connects – River Danube


The Department of Natural Sciences of the Janus Pannonius Museum invites visitors to the exhibition "About the River Danube through Ages and Periods", which is owned by the Danube Museum of Esztergom. The opening of the travelling exhibition will take place at 1 pm March 28, 2018.  in the museum building 2 Szabadság Street, Pécs.

2017. november 22., szerda

Open Day at the National University of Public Service


The next Open Day will be held on Wednesday 22 November 2017 at the Faculty of Water Sciences of the National University of Public Service. Trainings will be demonstrated with interesting presentations given by the leaders of the faculty; in addition to attending classes at the Faculty of Hydraulic and Water Management and the Faculty of Water Supply and Environmental Engineering.

2017. október 21., szombat

Autumn Festival of Museums Adventurers are invited!


Come and join in the adventure games organized by Danube Museum and the Game Cottage.

2017. június 24., szombat

Mysterious night at the Danube Museum


Do unidentified culprits walk in the dark rooms of the museum at night? No one has seen anything, no trace was left. Their intent is unknown at this time, but it is absolutely certain that an artifact will disappear.

Events Archive

Events Archive

2017. május 20., szombat

22nd Spring Festival of Museums at the weekend

2017.05.22. 13:07


MUSEUMS IN THE GARDEN – gardens and museums

The Spring Festival of Museums was organised for the 22nd time on 20-21 May 2017 by the Hungarian National Museum. This unique cultural festival attracts almost 40 000 visitors annually and provides an opportunity for more than 120 Hungarian museums to present their collections. The team of Danube Museum joined in the event as well.

2017 annual programmes of the Duna-Dráva National Park Directorate

2017.01.02. 14:06


The employees of Duna-Dráva National Park Directorate are waiting for the visitors with guided tours, children programmes and presentations in 2017.

2016. november 15., kedd

National nuclear accident prevention practise

2016.11.16. 09:49


In this year the National nuclear accident prevention practise is held 15-16th November 2016, on which according to the events of the scenario besides the National Technical Directive Board (OMIT) the 5 concerned water management directorates take part as well.

2016. október 5., szerda

Rolling Development Plan at Tettye Forrásház Ltd.

2016.10.05. 07:46


The Hungarian Hydrological Society’s Regional Organisation of County Baranya and TETTYE FORRÁSHÁZ Ltd. will hold a joint Professional Day titled "Rolling Development Plan at Tettye Forrásház Ltd." Wednesday 5 October 2016, 10 am. venue: TETTYE FORRÁSHÁZ Ltd. 7634 Pécs, Nyugati Ipari út.

2016. április 23., szombat

EARTH DAY events in Tettye, Pécs - Saturday, 23rd April 2016

2016.04.06. 12:36


The South-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate - continuing previous years' traditions - takes part at the programmes organized by the Danube-Drava National Park Directorate celebrating the Earth Day. For further details on the programmes please visit:

Photo exhibition linked to the World Water Day

2016.03.18. 09:43


A photo exhibition opens in the Natural History Museum of 'JPM' (Venue: 2, Szabdság utca, Pécs) at 4.30 pm on 17th March 2017 presenting the artworks of photographer Mr Béla Kiefer, titled 'A drop of nature'. The display closely relates to the World Water Day.

2016. március 16., szerda

Invitation to Exhibition Opening and Press Conference

2016.03.18. 07:56


Theme: 60th anniversary of the icy flood on the River Danube in 1956, a Memorial Conference has been organized by the affected settlements, the water sector and the county government bodies to take place on the 22nd March, World Water Day,

where the detailed agenda of the event is presented to the representatives of the press and the Memorial Exhibition compiled by the affected settlements is opened.

2016. március 8., kedd

National Flood Protection and River Management Conference

2016.03.10. 15:24


The National Flood Protection and River Management Conference is currently taking place in Mórahalom from 8th March to 10th March 2016 where in addition to the most important current  issues of the water sector, the results and experiences of the previous year get discussed on as well.

Structure of the month in the Danube Museum

2016.10.03. 08:51


This year in the The Danube Museum of Esztergom can be seen every months different water directorate’s exhibition objects in the Month’s Artwork display case, allowing visitors to learn about the history of water territorial heritage. In September the remembrances of the South-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate were visited the museum.

Programmes of the Ancient Dráva Visitor Centre in 2016

2016.02.22. 14:34


Interesting and meaningful presentations, trips, events and workshops

2015. szeptember 12., szombat

Following the water 12th September 2015

2015.09.08. 13:57


Ancient Dráva Visitor Centre in Szaporca
By walking along the study trail on the Dráva’s wildlife with professional tour guides, visitors are offered an insight into the unique fauna and flora of the Dráva and its floodplain: from the colourful and varied wildlife of the forests through the swamps to the riverbanks. The visitors have a chance to acquire a wide range of information about the Dráva’s former and present hydrographical status. If demand arises, there is a possibility for a classic Hungarian barbecue from ingredients brought near Kisinci.

2015. július 21., kedd

Invitation to Catchment Management Forum 21/07/15

2015.07.10. 11:26


Hungary’s Catchment Management Plan No. 2 is currently being prepared in the ‘KEOP’ Project titled “Elaboration of the ‘Jenő Kvassay’ Plan and the review of the Catchment Management Plan” (ID No. KEOP-7.9.0/12-2013-0007).

2015. július 1., szerda

Kayak and canoe trips in the organization of the Ancient Dráva Visitor Centre

2015.07.10. 09:59

kenu belyegkep

The Ancient Drava Visitor Centre offers kayak and canoe programmes as well for the visitors from July 2015. The Centre provides trips that differ in difficulty and length, so anyone can find the appropriate and best option.
The Visitor Centre gladly welcomes all nature-lovers.

2015. augusztus 10., hétfő

Free summer camps for secondary school students offered by 'Eötvös József' College

2015.07.10. 13:53


The ‘Eötvös József’ College organizes FREE summer camps for SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS in August 2015. The objective of the summer camp is to present the educational programmes offered by the technical college in order to help the secondary students in their choice of career. Beyond the professional programmes, various experience-based free-time activities will be offered and provided for the participants.

2015. július 21., kedd

Invitation to Flood Risk Forum 21/07/15

2015.07.10. 11:32


The General Directorate of Water Management and the South-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate have organized the following forum within the KEOP Project ID No. KEOP-2.5.0/B/09-12-2013-0001

Invitation to Forums

2015.06.17. 11:45


Hungary’s Catchment Management Plan No. 2 is currently being prepared in the ‘KEOP’ Project titled “Elaboration of the ‘Jenő Kvassay’ Plan and the review of the Catchment Management Plan” (ID No. KEOP-7.9.0/12-2013-0007). The General Directorate of Water Management has organized the following forums:

2015. június 17., szerda

World Day to Combat Desertification

2015.06.22. 09:51


The General Directorate of Water Management (OVF) held a technical conference on the World Day to Combat Desertification, 17th June 2015. The international focus was on “sustainable land management and food safety” this year.

2015. június 10., szerda

Invitation to Forum

2015.06.10. 07:26


Hungary’s Catchment Management Plan No. 2 is currently being prepared in the ‘KEOP’ Project titled “Elaboration of the ‘Jenő Kvassay’ Plan and the review of the Catchment Management Plan” (ID No. KEOP-7.9.0/12-2013-0007). 

2015. június 4., csütörtök

Opening of the memorial plaque

2015.06.04. 19:40


On behalf of the General Directorate of Water Management, I have the honour of inviting you to the opening of the memorial plaque to Jenő Kvassay.

Earth Day programmes with the participation of DDVIZIG

2015.04.15. 15:03


It has been a tradition to celebrate the Earth Day with various events. This year’s programmes will be held in Tettye in Pécs between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm on Saturday, 18th April 2015 and hosted by the Danube-Dráva National Park Directorate.

2015. március 20., péntek

World Water Day programme offered by the Danube-Drava National Park Directorate

2015.03.10. 08:34


On the occasion of World Water Day, kids will have the opportunity to observe water experiments and the analysis of water samples taken from the pond in ‘Pintér-kert’

2000. január 1., szombat

Running for the dike guards on 22/03/15

2015.02.25. 11:09

Gátőrfutás logo

If you are fond of nature and running and you have already seen a flood – then you should be on the dike on the World Water Day.Why? Highlighting the importance of the profession, our intention is to pay our respect to our dike guards, the people knowing our natural waters and water resources the best.

2015. március 4., szerda

EWA Spring Days 2015 - Budapest - 4th – 6th March 2015 Budapest is once again the capital of water

2015.02.26. 13:30


Within the framework of the Spring Conference of the European Water Association (EWA) and under the patronage of Mr János Áder, President of the Hungarian Republic,  organized by the Hungarian Water- and Sewage Technology Association (MaSzeSz) and  the Budapest Waterworks (Fővárosi Vízművek Zrt.) a three-day event and professional visits take place during the ‘EWA Spring Days 2015 – Budapest Water Conference’.

2015. január 16., péntek

International competition for young water enthusiasts with huge prize

2015.01.27. 13:12


Founded in 1997, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) is most prestigious international junior prize within the water sector. The Hungarian national round is organized by GWP Hungary Foundation with the help and support of numerous partner organizations. The patron of the Hungarian competition is Mr. János Áder, President of the Hungarian Republic.

2015. február 4., szerda

National Water Sector-based Public Employment Conference

2015.02.25. 10:57


Within the organization of the General Directorate of Water Management, the 2nd Annual National Water Sector-based Public Employment Conference was held in the area of the Upper-Tisza region Water Management Directorate on 4th -6th February 2015.

Flood vulnerability in Hungary – 6th conference in the series

2015.02.09. 09:34


The General Directorate of Water Management together with the Scientific Council for the Water Sector launched a series of conferences in 2014 titled ‘Flood vulnerability in Hungary’.

2015. február 14., szombat

Bird watching trip

2015.01.27. 10:03


The ‘Janus Pannonius’ Museum organises an end-of-winter trip to the River Dráva linked to the anniversary of the Ramsar Convention in February (World Wetlands Day on 2nd February). Companied by an ornithologist with local knowledge, one can get an insight into the characteristics of the oxbow as wetland habitat.

EDUCATIO – International Education Fair 2015

2015.01.20. 08:08


Having been the largest fair of the educational market, the annual International Education Fair ‘EDUCATIO’ has been organized and will be held in Budapest between 22nd – 24th January 2015.