2018. április 21., szombat

Day of Earth Event in Pécs at Tettye - 21 April 2018


The Day of Earth events have been held worldwide since 1970 with the contribution of more than a thousands of organizations, which events are calling attention to the environmental and nature conservation problems of our planet and offer solutions to them.

2018. március 28., szerda

The river that invigorates and connects – River Danube


The Department of Natural Sciences of the Janus Pannonius Museum invites visitors to the exhibition "About the River Danube through Ages and Periods", which is owned by the Danube Museum of Esztergom. The opening of the travelling exhibition will take place at 1 pm March 28, 2018.  in the museum building 2 Szabadság Street, Pécs.

2017. november 22., szerda

Open Day at the National University of Public Service


The next Open Day will be held on Wednesday 22 November 2017 at the Faculty of Water Sciences of the National University of Public Service. Trainings will be demonstrated with interesting presentations given by the leaders of the faculty; in addition to attending classes at the Faculty of Hydraulic and Water Management and the Faculty of Water Supply and Environmental Engineering.

2017. október 21., szombat

Autumn Festival of Museums Adventurers are invited!


Come and join in the adventure games organized by Danube Museum and the Game Cottage.

2017. június 24., szombat

Mysterious night at the Danube Museum


Do unidentified culprits walk in the dark rooms of the museum at night? No one has seen anything, no trace was left. Their intent is unknown at this time, but it is absolutely certain that an artifact will disappear.

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International Projects - Regional

2017. november 06., hétfő 09:17


Project title: „Development of touristic navigation on Drava waterway between sections of 0+000–198+600 rkm

Application Form ID: DRAWA – HUHR/1601/2.1.3./0010

Lead Beneficiary: South-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate

Project Partner: Agencija za vodne putove (AVP)

The amount of EU funding:
South-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate:         175 517,95 Euro
Agencija za vodne putove (AVP):                                           101 859,40 Euro
Total costs of the project:                                                       277 377,35 Euro

Start date of the project: 15th June 2017.
End date of the project: 14th February 2019.

Project Summary:

The main objective of the project is the touristic development of the Drava cruise. In the framework of the project the latest data and pieces of information regarding the shipping will be collected and evaluated, a proposition will be prepared on the development possibilities based on the above mentioned observations and experiences.

The project contains the survey of the mean-water river bed of River Drava furthermore the definition of possible development directions with the usage of modelling surveys.

A digital map will be prepared in order to facilitate water tourism and boat traffic, which will be available through internet and mobile applications for smart devices.

In order to make water tourism more attractive, a trilingual -Hungarian / Croatian / English language- tourism booklet will be published, moreover information boards will be placed along the river that will present tourist attractions of the Drava settlements and areas. The documentation will include information on the present and future development of Drava waterway and water tourism.

The navigational information materials that will be prepared in the framework of the project will be available at the previously established tourism ports such as Drávaszabolcs, Vejti, Drávasztára, Szentborbás, Barcs, Bolhó.

For more information please contact Mr. Zsolt György project manager, or call +36 72 506 307, or send your email to:

For more information about the Programme, please visit website.

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